Anonymous Storage VPS Hosting

Fully customizable storage hosting in Montreal.

What Can I Use My Storage VPS For?

There are unlimited uses for VPS hosting, especially ones with considerable disk space. Since virtual servers are just remote
Linux boxes, you can use them for anything from running websites, sharing files, and even hosting office suites.


Syncthing allows you to keep your data in-sync across all your systems and using Syncthing on a VPS allows you access to your data anywhere without having to leave your home computer on.

Bitcoin Node

Running a full node for your favorite cryptocurrency helps the network by validating transactions, relaying new blocks, and allowing others to download the blockchain quicker.

Torrent Hosting

Seeding legal torrents such as Linux distros, free software, and your own personal files is a great way to help others download them faster.

File Host

Share large files of any size with others, and don't worry about them being deleted or taken down by hosting your own file server.

Next Cloud

De-Google your life by running your own cloud photo and document editing software; Next Cloud gives you all the features of Google drive without privacy concerns.

Large Websites

Large websites like image boards and video sharing platforms require significant disk space, and a storage VPS would work great for that use case.

Need a custom hosting solution?

Packet Point offers custom hosting solutions for your business at any scale, from small e-commerce websites to entire server racks and cage installations; we will deliver a solution that suits your needs. Contact our sales team for a custom quote in less than 48 hours.

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Looking for solid state hosting?

Hard disks are fantastic for inexpensive mass storage, but performance tanks for intensive storage access applications like SQL and content caching. We offer solid-state virtual server hosting on NVME and SSD mediums in our Kitchener and Montreal locations.

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Frequent Questions

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us.

We accept many cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Monero, and Dash but also accept credit cards via Stripe. For your anonymity, we strongly recommend using Monero for payment. If you would like to pay using another method please contact us about it.

All VPS plans come with a dedicated IPv4 address, and you may purchase more if needed. A dedicated IP address is not shared with anyone else, and you have access to all ports.

When you order a virtual server from us, you have the choice of multiple Linux distros: Debian, Ubuntu, and Centos. You may also upload your ISOs and install them via Virtualizor's HTML5 KVM; if you require Windows to be installed, please get in touch with support because the Windows ISO file will be too large to upload.

We do not automatically back up your virtual servers because the process of doing so is resources intensive and will slow down your server. It is your responsibility to keep backups of your important files.

Bulletproof hosting means you can do and host anything you want, including pirated movies, cracked software, illegal darknet sites, and much worse, without the web host taking your server offline. Packet Point is not a bulletproof web host and requires you to follow Canadian law; we will suspend your server if you engage in illegal activity.

We will not install and configure software for you. It is your responsibility to manage your virtual server.

All of our virtual server nodes are fully encrypted, meaning if the disks fall into the wrong hands, it will take an astronomical amount of computing resources and time for anyone to access the data on them. Your data is relatively safe on our servers; if you need absolute data security, don't hesitate to contact support for a solution that works for you.

You may host Tor hidden services (onion websites) on your VPS if they aren't hosting illegal content or breaking Canadian law. We do not allow you to run a Tor exit node because it generates too many abuse reports, but Tor relays are OK if you limit the speed to 20Mbps.

If you're not happy with our services, you can request a full refund within 15 days.